Homemade Simple Cleaners Granite Countertops

I will share tips on homemade simple cleaners granite countertops. Are you using granite countertops in your kitchen? Granite is formed from volcanic magma gives an interesting touch anywhere in the home, including the kitchen. Granite is also heat resistant and very durable so that it is suitable for a location for food preparation.Granite is easily damaged by dust and acid-based that attached to the granite. Sometimes, you rarely clean it because the price for granite cleaners is quite expensive. However, now you can create your own granite cleaners with simple materials that available in your home and of course, it will reduce your monthly expenses

How to care for and make cleaners granite countertops

It requires a sacrifice of profits You i.e. attention and how special care in order to keep your granite table gleaming and blemish-free. Clean surfaces regularly with a cloth the granite microfiber contribute to results in the long term.

How to care for granite

There are various ways remove stains on granite kitchen counter. The method is essential as follows:

  • wipe it every day to get rid of dust and dirt from the surface.
  • Use a little water on a cloth to wipe microfiber granite kitchen table each time you are finished wearing it to prepare food.
  • One or two times a week, sweeping the surface of the granite with a homemade cleaners granite countertops

How to create a cleaner

Because of the sensitive nature of the granite rocks, you need to think twice before wearing a certain fluid to clean it

Materials Needed :

  • Spray bottle
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Alcohol
  1. Pour 1/4 cup of alcohol into a spray bottle and add three drops of dishwashing liquid. Shake the bottle until the solution has been mixed.
  2. Fill a spray bottle that containing the solution with water to reduce the amount of foam in the bottle.
  3. After that, cover a spray bottle tightly to prevent leakage. Spray the solution on your granite countertops.

Tips and warning: Use daily of cleaning solution on your granite countertops. If the solution is dripped, wipe immediately to prevent stains that accumulate.

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